Unassigned PLVs

Unassigned PLVs
Candidate PLVs
Picornavirales SG

  Unassigned or possible members of the order Picornavirales
  Possible members of the order
  Antarctic picorna-like virus 1  (KM259869; López-Bueno et al., 2015)
  Antarctic picorna-like virus 2  (KM259870; López-Bueno et al., 2015)
  Antarctic picorna-like virus 3  (KM259871; López-Bueno et al., 2015)
  Antarctic picorna-like virus 4  (KM259872; López-Bueno et al., 2015)
  López-Bueno, A., Rastrojo, A., Peiró, R., Arenas, M. and Alcamí, A. (2015). Ecological connectivity shapes quasispecies structure of RNA viruses in an Antarctic lake. Mol Ecol. 2015 Jul 21 [Epub ahead of print].
  Possible members of the order (from sewage):
  Picalivirus A (JQ898334; Ng et al., 2012)
Picalivirus B (JQ898335; Ng et al., 2012)
Picalivirus C (JQ898336; Ng et al., 2012)
Picalivirus D (KF478837; Greninger & DeRisi, 2015)
Cadicistrovirus (JQ898344; Ng et al., 2012)
Niflavirus (JQ898345; Ng et al., 2012)

Greninger, A.L. and DeRisi, J.L. (2015). Draft genome sequence of picalivirus D recovered from San Francisco wastewater. Genome Announc. 3(4). pii: e00654-15.

Ng, T.F., Marine, R., Wang, C., Simmonds, P., Kapusinszky, B., Bodhidatta, L., Oderinde, B.S., Wommack, K.E. and Delwart, E. (2012). High variety of known and new RNA and DNA viruses of diverse origins in untreated sewage. J. Virol. 86: 12161-12175.


Possible representative of a new virus family:


Nora virus (DQ321720)


Habayeb, M.S., Ekengren, S.K. and Hultmark, D. (2006). Nora virus, a persistent virus in Drosophila, defines a new picorna-like virus family. J Gen Virol. 87: 3045-3051.

  Possible representative of a new virus family:
  Solenopsis invicta virus 2 (EF428566)
  Valles, S.M., Strong, C.A. and Hashimoto, Y. (2007). A new positive-strand RNA virus with unique genome characteristics from the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta. Virology 365: 457-463.

Possible new picorna-like virus

  ABSTRACT: Urastoma cyprinae is a turbellarian parasite infecting the gills of several marine bivalves. We observed the presence of virus-like particles (24 to 30 nm in diameter; icosahedral symmetry) arranged in paracrystalline arrays in the cytoplasm of subepidermal dorsal cells. These particles appear to be RNA viruses, possibly related to the Picornaviridae. This is the first report of viral particles in the parasite U. cyprinae.
  Crespo-González, C., Rodríguez-Domínguez, H., Soto-Búa, M., Segade, P., Iglesias, R., Arias-Fernández, C. and García-Estévez, J.M. (2008). Virus-like particles in Urastoma cyprinae, a turbellarian parasite of Mytilus galloprovincialis. Dis. Aquat. Organ. 79: 83-86.
  Calhevirus 1
  Viral sequence (possibly of insect origin) detected in the stool of a 14 month old child suffering from acute flaccid paralysis in Afghanistan (10-Nov-2007). Accession no. HM480374.
  Kapoor, A., Simmonds, P., Lipkin, W.I., Zaidi, S. and Delwart, E. (2010). Use of nucleotide composition analysis to infer hosts for three novel picorna-like viruses. J. Virol. 84: 10322-10328.
  Calhevirus 2a (AB937990), Calhevirus 2b (AB937991) (Sasaki et al., 2015)

Sasaki, M., Orba, Y., Ueno, K., Ishii, A., Moonga, L., Hang'ombe, B.M., Mweene, A.S., Ito, K. and Sawa, H. (2015). Metagenomic analysis of shrew enteric virome reveals novel viruses related to human stool-associated viruses. J. Gen. Virol. 96: 440-452.

  Spodoptera exigua virus AKJ-2014
  A small RNA virus with five ORFs (KJ186789).
  Soybean-associated bicistronic virus
  A picorna-like virus with two ORFs (KM015260).
  Posavirus 1 & 2
  Posavirus 1 (JF713720) and posavirus 2 (JF713721).
  Shan T, Li L, Simmonds P, Wang C, Moeser A, Delwart E. The fecal virome of pigs on a high-density farm. J Virol. 2011 Nov;85(22):11697-708. doi: 10.1128/JVI.05217-11. Epub 2011 Sep 7.
  Fisavirus 1
  Fisavirus 1 (KM434233).
  Reuter, G., Pankovics, P., Delwart, E. and Boros, A. (2015). A novel posavirus-related single-stranded RNA virus from fish (Cyprinus carpio). Arch Virol. 160:565–568. [Epub ahead of print 2014 Dec 7]
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